Pet Damage: Carpet Repair in Mesa, AZ

We repair pet damage to carpet on a daily basis. We love our pets, but they have the ability to damage carpets to the point where you think it cannot be repaired. Cats clawing at the carpet for fun, or dogs digging a whole right in the middle of your floor,...

Carpet Stretching in Mesa, AZ

Carpet stretching is done with a power stretcher. The number one reason why carpets began to ripple is because the carpets were installed incorrectly. A knee kicker does not solve the problem. If you hired someone to install or stretch your carpets and they are using...

Repairing Pet Damage in Queen Creek

Pet damage to carpets is common. We receive calls everyday from customers who need their carpets repaired after their pet had an ‘accident’ on the carpet. In many cases, cats and dogs start clawing at the carpet as if they were digging a hole outside. Our...

Mesa Carpet Stain Repair

We do all types of repairs for our customers. We even do carpet stain repairs like in the photos below. If your carpet has a stain that will not come out. We can fit it! Call us for more details.

Mesa Carpet Repair

Do you have a puppy that chew at your carpet? We are always doing these repairs! Almost every other job we do is because of pet damage. For us these repairs are a simple fix.