Carpet Cleaning Service in Phoenix, AZ

Heavy traffic areas in your home is where you have a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. These areas usually include hallways and doorways. Heavy traffic areas should be vacuumed daily and professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Our customer Phoenix needed her...

Mesa Carpet Stain Repair

We do all types of repairs for our customers. We even do carpet stain repairs like in the photos below. If your carpet has a stain that will not come out. We can fit it! Call us for more details.

Mesa Carpet Repair

Do you have a puppy that chew at your carpet? We are always doing these repairs! Almost every other job we do is because of pet damage. For us these repairs are a simple fix.

Mesa Carpet Repair

If you need a few carpet repairs done, we can do them all within the same visit. Great thing about us is we know how to do all types of repairs. If its causes by pet damage or even if it’s a stain we are trained in fixing these problems.   

Mesa Pet Damage Repair

Are you moving out of your apartment or home and you have a pet that damaged your carpet? Great thing about us is we can help. We do repairs every day for customers that want their deposits back. We understand and we help! We will do a repair for you that you will...