Are the carpet to tile transitions separating because of the high traffic in that area? This is such a common thing to happen so don’t worry you’re not alone! This can be natural or caused by a pet, if you’ve recently gotten new appliances or maybe you have been there 50 years. carpet gets damaged and the only way to deal with it is to repair it! This happens to practically everyone so you’re not alone. Maybe you just got new tile and your installer didn’t know how to do a carpet to tile edge, this is totally fine we fix these all the time! This is quick process depending on how bad the damage is, if the carpet damage is more than 2 inches away from the tile edge then that is qualified as a patch repair. However if the damage is less than 2 inches then we would have to use a power stretcher or a knee kicker to pull the carpet back up and re tack it.

Glendale Carpet To Tile Repair (4) Glendale Carpet To Tile Repair