Your high traffic areas starting to look a little dingy? No worries we can take care of it! We will send certified carpet technicians to come to your home and they will assist you with your carpet needs. They will measure every job they have to do so you get your exact moneys worth. When our technicians get there they will not raise the price or neither will they try to add extra stuff to your order. Many people notice when you  do rearrange your living room  that the carpet under your furniture looks completely bran new still because of all the high traffic going on and off the couch. It may look like a big difference now  but by the time we get done it will look good as new! we will start off by pre vacuuming of each area with a commercial grade vacuum, then we will pre condition all the heavy traffic areas and any spot treatment you need is already included. We use a truck mounted, hot water steam extraction cleaner with a neutral rinse to provide a zero residue finish. We also use a dry pass vacuum that removed excess moisture to give you a faster dry time!