There are many different types of area rugs. If you own a hand-woven rug, our technician will pick up the rug from your home to clean it at our location. There is a specific cleaning process for hand-woven rugs. Cleaning these types of rugs the wrong way can cause irreversible damage. If you own a machine-made rug, like the one in the photos below, then we can clean your rug onsite at your home.

At Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning, we take pride in doing great quality work for our customers. Sometimes heavy traffic areas need more than one thorough cleaning. Our technicians have the training and tools to do the job correctly the first time, but if the job needs to be touched up, our technician will comeback and correct the issue at no charge to you. We stand behind all of our work, our goal is to be your carpet repair and carpet cleaning company forever!

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